Hidgeem Oxygen Generator

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- Voltage:220V
- Oxygen Flow:1-6L Adjustable
- Oxygen Concentrator: 1L-90%, 2L-60%, 3L-40%, 4L-32%, 5L-30%, 6L-    28%
- Noise: Front face 45dB A whole machinem49dB A, Touch screen Button
- Remote Control, Oxygen Genarator, SOS Function
- Accessories: User Manual, Filter, Power Cord, Nasal Oxygen Pipe,         Remote Control,
- Product Size: 25.4*13.8*23.0cm,
- Weight:5KG, GW:7KG
- Large LCD, intelligent reminder
- Large LCD, convenient for the elderly to read.
- Flow Display - Adjust Your Oxygen Demand
- Timing settings - for easy night control
- Fault alarm - intelligent tips
- Lightweight body
- The unit weight is only 5kg.
- Technical Parameters:
2.Oxygen Concentration: 90%-30% from 1L-5L
3.Flow Range: 1-5L/min.
4.Weight: 5.0kg.
5.Noise level: <55dB(A)(measured at a distance of one meter from the product)
Potential Users:
- The elderly: Improving brain functioning as they develop dementia and other conditions.
- White-collar women: Skin care, Skin nutrition and elasticity maintenance, Reduction of sub-health status.
- Pregnant women: Helpful to fetus development.
- Businessman: Relaxing physical and mental tension, improving physical ability, reducing sub-health status and improving work efficiency.
- Students: Improving remembrance and reducing mental fatigue.
- Plateau tourism lovers: Reducing the symptoms of hypoxia on plateau.

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Brand  Hidgeem


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